The Science of Sound

The sound is one of the elements that defines your car and, like wine or beer, everyone has their own preference.  Loud or Quiet, QuickSilver’s Sound Architect provides that personal choice.

For those who enjoy driving, the car’s dynamic sound can often be the most important sensation.  Sound that is mostly killed by global legislation.

Accurate recordings enable us to mimic exhaust notes in real time.

QuickSilver’s Sound Architect provides the driver with a personal choice – Allowing him or her to put the appropriate soundtrack back into their car and tailor that sound to suit their own taste and environment.

Car manufacturers fully understand the importance of sound, and inside the cabin, they offer a range of  premium sound systems.  However, on a sunny Sunday morning, a Bang & Olufsen is a poor substitute for the note of a high-revving V8.

Testing and Recording an Audi R8 for our modules

With QuickSilver’s Sound Architect , the driver can ramp up the sound – varying the note and volume to suit the mood. There are times when we just need to hear that engine.

QuickSilver’s Sound Architect also allows the driver to turn it down – we don’t all want constant sound. On long journeys we may wish to listen to music or converse with a passenger.  

Augment or Enhance?



On cars that do not possess a decent sound to work with, QuickSilver’s Sound Architect includes a Sound Generator within the exhaust system that sync’s an existing soundtrack with the car’s controls & function.  This produces a perfectly realistic V8 experience for cars like the Bentley Bentayga Diesel and Mustang 4 cylinder Ecoboost.  

This type of electronic Sound Architect is straightforward to install.  It comprises a small electronic module that connects to the car’s CAN-BUS network and reads parameters like throttle position, engine rpm, gear changes and road speed to calculate and generate a sound that perfectly matches the drive.  This method is vastly adjustable for note and volume and can be controlled from the driver’s telephone or (in many cases) fully integrated with the car’s standard controls.  The Bentley Bentayga never fails to impress, instantly changing from full silent to monster with one click of the OE Drive Select knob.


QuickSilver’s Sound Architect  exhaust system contains two separate gas paths and an electronic flap-valve decides which path is taken, loud or quiet. This valve is controlled by the QuickSilver APP on the driver’s telephone or (in many cases) integrated into the car’s existing controls, the Porsche GT3 and Audi R8 are fully integrated.

In creating their system QuickSilver analyse the sound of the modern car to determine which elements should be suppressed and which enhanced. 

Valved giving the driver control over the sound

The valved QuickSilver Sound Architect systems are truly ‘plug & play’. The electronic module simply connects to an existing accessory socket and is controlled wirelessly – so there in no intrusion into any of the car’s existing systems and no re-wiring is necessary. It could not be simpler.

The electronics are designed in-house and manufactured for us here in the UK, using local British factories.

See Our Sound Architect Collection

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